Play Putty – Set of 4


Putty improves thumb and fingers strength which will develop fine motor skills. This is great for a sensory diet and helps the child to focus better.


Putty is a great source for a sensory diet. This not only helps the child to focus better but also strengthen thumb and fingers strength which is very necessary for fine motor development. It improves pincer grip that is important for writing, painting, playing instrument e.t.c.

It’s been proven that the repeated pattern of squeezing and releasing a putty or stress ball in your hand can alleviate tension and stress. Minor distractions while working, like playing with stress toys, can help boost productivity. By having something else to focus on such as squishies or putty, it gives your mind a chance to take a break. It also makes it easier to pay attention to whatever task you’re doing once you return to it.