Flashcards; Benefits & Use

Flash cards are a great visual learning aid for kids of all ages and all abilities. With the help of Flash cards, children can develop important language and communication skills faster as they build vocabulary and learn how to recognize and respond.

Many children with Autism and other developmental delays, both verbal and nonverbal, are visual learners. Flashcards as they are a great resource for visual learners can significantly improve the language, communication skills, social behavior and academic performance.

Can Flash Cards Help Non Verbal Children?

If your child is not yet talking, or your child is nonverbal, flashcards can significantly help him acquire the label repertoire, which will enhance the receptive language of the child and will ultimately improve his vocabulary. As a result, child improves language and communication which further improves social skills.

How to Start Using the Flash Cards

Start by labelling the images for your child. Show a flash card to the child and name the item yourself.

Introduce them to some basic words and labels, preferably the items within the house that the child can observe in real life, multiple times a day.

As the child gets used to this activity, you can start putting three pictures next to each other and ask the child “which one is the _____”.

Flash cards are great for non-verbal/not yet talking kids, but even if your child already has some language skills, flashcards can boost their existing vocabulary and enhance communication and social skills.

What’s Special About PlayandLearn.ae Flash Cards

PlayandLearn.ae Flash cards are the product of years of trial and error experiment of an Autism mom who is a full time homeschooler. The final products available for sale on PlayandLearn.ae are the most comprehensive resources that have been experimented for more than 18 months and include the highly effective items.

Some salient features of PlayandLearn.ae flash cards are:

White Backgrounds:

White background emphasizes clarity and removes visual obstacles and clutter, hence the child can focus on the image without much effort.

Real Photos:

Real photos are more appropriate to teach with as the child can relate a photo with the surrounding much easily.

Set of Non-Identical Items:

Learning a label is not equal to learn one thing. For instance, if a child has learnt “apple” using a flash card that has red apple on it. But, an apple can be green as well, so child should be able to generalize apple using a green apple flash card too.  

To make generalization easier for children, the PlayandLearn.ae flash cards contain two variations of each item.

Hard Laminated

Many kids with Autism and other learning differences have sensory issues, and licking/chewing/biting toys and other learning materials is common among them. Our flash cards are hard laminated which means they are strong, durable and can be cleaned easily with causing a damage to the card.